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 Welcome to Natural & Organic, the home of highest quality and lowest priced 100% organic Indian cotton baby and children's clothing.

From our own family experience we know how much a baby or child can suffer  from nappy rash, sensitive skin problems, eczema or asthma. Most of these problems can be easily avoided by protecting your baby from the harsh chemicals in standard baby products.
A baby is the most susceptible to its environment in its early years and a baby’s skin is more porous than our adult skin, meaning that they absorb toxins at a substantially higher rate than us. The chemicals used to grow and manufacture non-organic cotton can be absorbed by the body through the skin, and in the case of a baby’s tender skin, this can cause harm to baby’s health and safety through allergic reaction, rash, asthma, chemical sensitivities. Organic cotton is the ideal fabric for a baby’s sensitive skin as it is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals.Organic cotton garments are strong because they’ve gone through significantly less processing than regular cotton garments. Organic clothing can typically be washed up to ten times more than clothing made from conventional cotton.


Organic cotton is grown chiefly in India under strict regulations and in fields that are chemical-free. Organic means that something is grown in a chemical-free environment. Organic cotton growers take that further by ensuring that the fields have no chemicals or pesticides of any type used for a minimum of three years. This is heavily regulated and is highly watched to ensure that organic cotton is exactly what it claims to be.

All our clothing items are made from 100% organic Indian cotton to ensure your baby only comes into contact with the most gentle, natural and organic fabrics. We offer essential items for newborns and every day clothes for babies and young children.

By working very closely with our Indian suppliers we have managed to produce a range of clothing that is 100% organic cotton at a price that beats many of the well know high street ranges of mixed fabric, non organic and non 100% cotton.

With our 100% happiness guarantee, we promise your baby will be healthier and happier. Don't let your loved one suffer put them in pure organic cotton.

100% satisfaction or full refund - guaranteed.

Please enjoy your time on our website and if we can help just ask.

Natural and Organic
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