Frequently Asked Questions

Are you products mass produced?

No. All our products are produced in small batches to provide a consistent quality and freshness, to help ensure effectiveness is maintained from the moment you start to use the product to the time when you finish.

Are your Products Organic?

Yes, at Natural & Organic Ltd. we use 100% natural and organic ingredients in all of our products. All our products can be said to be ‘organic’ as they contain over 70% organic ingredients.

Natural & Organic Ltd. products are not classed as ‘certified organic’ as this certification is expensive, a cost we would have to reflect in our prices. Instead, we focus on creating high quality natural products that deliver outstanding results.

It is important to note that a product does not have to be certified in order to be labelled as organic.

What Preservatives do you use?

We use Ethylhexylglycerin and Phenoxyethanol which is a globally approved paraben-free preservative system and is extremely effective against bacterial, yeast and mould fungal growth.

We add a total of 1% in all of our products and have always found this to be the best in the market to offer the best product stability and which does not contain potentially dangerous and harsh chemicals.

Are your Products suitable for Vegans?

Our ranges are separated into either VEGAN or VEGETARIAN categories so that you always know what you are buying. Our Texture Balancing range contains milk ingredients and our Hydro Boost Range contains honey and royal jelly so are both classed as Vegetarian.

All our other ranges are 100% Vegan. None of our products contain any animal derived ingredients. We do not use Palm oil or beeswax in our ranges and all our ingredients are ethically sourced and sustained.

Are your fragrances natural?

Because fragrance oils tend to contain a very high level of toxic ingredients that by law are not required to be listed, we feel that they do not fit into our ethos of natural ingredients. We therefore use only natural essential oils in our products (as included) where we feel they will benefit the skin as well as giving the products a natural soft fragrance.

Many of our products are 100% fragrance free, allowing you to benefit fully from the natural oils and ingredients in our ranges.

How do I store my products?

We use flexible squeezy tubes for 90% of our products. They are clean, keep the products fresher for longer and extend the shelf life of the ingredients.

You should ensure you store your tubes in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat. Exposure to high temperatures can cause the cleansers, scrubs and face wash products to expand and even explode due to the foaming agents in them.

We regretfully cannot replace items that have been incorrectly stored and that have exploded in this way.

Do any of your scrubs contain micro beads?

No,  at Natural & Organic Ltd., we never use any ingredients that are dangerous to the environment. Our scrubs contain either bamboo extract, jojoba wax beads, dead sea salt or pumice stones depending upon the product.